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Behind the scenes of our front page photo

A wheely good cow did cross the road and . . .

by Susanna Freymark, 05/12/2021, 3 min read

IT WAS a spontaneous moment.

There was Brenda Armfield shouting through the loud hailer from her lime green Moke decorated with balloons. Her voice reverberated through the streets of Casino.

That voice can mean only one thing. Beef Week.

Brenda was back. And so was Beef Week.

A modern day town crier Brenda Armfield talks up Beef Week from her Moke. Photo: Susanna Freymark

Earlier in the week Sharon Davidson from Richmond Valley Council had mentioned a cow prop they had in the council shed.

Mmmmmmm, I was looking for a fun way to present Beef Week. I wanted to do something special because Beef Week was cancelled last year due to covid restrictions.

There was Brenda. Right in front of me. I called Sharon.

"Can we get the cow?"

"When?" she said.

"Now," I said, my fingers crossed for luck.

Brenda and the cow are close

Within ten minutes Hayley Hancock, Tiarn Stenner and Sharon were hoisting Brenda up onto the cow for an impromptu photo shoot outside the Casino Community Centre.

I had to shoot quickly. I didn't know how long Brenda could hold her precarious position.

Tiarn had to hold the cow's leg at the back so the cow, on wheels, didn't roll away with Brenda on top.

Brenda was helped down. She did a few more poses for me.

Then we were done.

"What just happened?" Brenda asked.

I didn't have time to answer.

Sharon and Tiarn were wheeling the cow to the Beef Week office on Walker St and I wanted to get some more shots. It's not every day a plastic cow is wheeled down the street.

Sharon and Tiarn stopping traffic with a cow.

Cars tooted and a small Jack Russell barked at the legs of the fake cow.

Across the zebra crossing  Abbey Rd style, the cow was pushed down the street.

I snapped pics as they went having no idea what I'd get.

At the Beef Week office event organiser Navanka Fletcher came out and was surprised to see her new helper.

Navanka is surprised to see a cow at the Beef Week office.

So many photos to choose from. So many fun moments. And Beef Week hasn't even started yet.

Brenda was on the front of the Beef Week feature in Wednesday's Independent

Get your tickets for Beef Week here