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Size does matter: tiny homes, big dreams

This couple are following their adventure of building tiny homes

by Susanna Freymark, 07/28/2021, 1 min read

IN A tall shed at Fairy Hill, Andy Pleasance and Anette Hammat have big dreams as they build their first tiny house on wheels.

“It’s all about wanting to help people live lighter and providing a house without a million-dollar mortgage,” Anette said.

The couple teamed up 18 months ago and together decided to “make this happen” and start their business Tiny Home Adventures.

At their property, they erected an extra tall shed and began work on their first tiny house.

While moveable, the house is anything but tiny. Nicknamed ‘The Apartment’, the 16sq m house is clad with Colorbond and has wood features. Inside there is a loft bedroom and a 3m kitchen.

The couple have used recycled materials where they could and the tiny house has plenty of windows. There is a shower, bathroom, space for a fridge and washing machine and the house comes with solar panels.

While they dream of the potential of tiny home villages providing affordable housing, their biggest challenge has been sourcing contractors.

“There’s a lack of tradespeople,” Andy said. They need carpenters and steel fixers.

Their tiny homes will cost from $70,000–$120,000 when completed.

They have been busy, and their dream to be part of the housing solution drives them.

“We’ve been up and down ladders every day we’re building,” Anette said.

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Any interested tradies can call Andy on 0438 373 681.

BUILDERS WITH PASSION: Andy Pleasance and Anette Hammat on the porch of a tiny home they’re building for their own property. Photo: Susanna Freymark