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The naked ambition of Mr Beef

Mr Beef's mum is super proud he takes the crown

by Susanna Freymark, 06/02/2021, 2 min read

THE women – and one man – who sat in the front rows at Mr Beef on Saturday night had a full view – of everything.

There was the couple from Wollongbar who had never been to the Mr Beef comp before – they’d heard it was “fun”.

Other first-timers had no idea what to expect.

Opposite them sat a row of women who came every year to Mr Beef. Drinks in hand, giggling and cheering before the event even began, they knew exactly what was coming.

The tongue in cheek event was started more than 10 years ago by Kenny Woodhams.

Casino RSM sponsors the event with a $500 prize for the winner.

It isn’t about the money, it’s about humour, RSM manager Neale Genge said.

“It’s a good wind-down to the Beef Week Festival,” he said.

“We get a crowd to watch local boys dance in their underwear.”

Boxer Corey O’Donnell impressed the crowd by doing push-ups as part of his routine. Photos: Susanna Freymark

The rules are simple, he said. You have to be over 18 to enter and you must “keep it clean and don’t embarrass your grandma ‘cos she could be in the front row”.

The women in the front row on Saturday night were vocal about why they’d come.

“To find a cowboy.”

“To be entertained.”

“We want to see how good the beef is in Casino,” laughed another.

Cowboy Jack Collins from Queensland on stage.

There were only four entrants this year – concreter Jared Roder, boxer Corey O’Donnell, three-time entrant Luke Potter and Queensland cowboy Jack Collins.

The men danced, stripped and played to the audience in their bid for the Mr Beef crown – a $2 plastic helmet with horns on it.

After the dance-off, Jared, whose body was covered in baby oil, was announced the winner.

Jack Collins, Luke Potter, Corey McDonnell and Jared Roder on stage. 

The Casino Cougars player had Wal’s Concreting emblazoned across his black underwear. He teased the crowd during his routine with $5 notes he pulled out of his branded underwear.

His mother Donna Roder said she was “super proud” of her son.

“He oozes confidence,” she said.

On the night, Jared met Michael Newby, the first Mr Beef who had some advice for the new Mr Beef.

“Be good, you’ll be closely watched,” he said.

Jared posed for more photos as the plastic crown skewed across his head.

The party had only just begun for Casino’s Mr Beef.