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Corey has fought a battle with PTSD and with his weight and he's come out fighting

Boxing his way to better health and to his dreams of being Aus champ

by Susanna Freymark, 02/10/2021, 1 min read

Daniel Cohen and Susanna Freymark

IN A small laneway off Centre St is the Casino RSM Boxing Club.

Most nights you’ll find Corey O’Donnell there, head-down, focussed, and working hard.

Corey came to Casino five years ago after suffering PTSD from his job as a prison guard at Long Bay jail in Sydney.

“I had a massive battle with PTSD, it turned my life upside down.”

When he saw a photograph of himself on Anzac Day in 2019, he was horrified.

“I was a heart attack waiting to happen,” Corey said.

That photo spurred him to act. He started eating healthy and joined the boxing club.

“By the following Anzac Day, I had lost 60kg,” he said.

At his heaviest, he tipped the scales at 192 kg.

Today, the 43-year-old weighs 89kg and is competing to be the heavyweight champ in the NSW Masters Boxing.

Corey trains most nights with the aim of being Australian champ and taking up boxing internationally.

His routine includes “a bit of time on the bags and some speed work,” and he always makes time to work with the local kids who come to train at the club.

Corey is fit and ready for his next fight in the NSW Masters Boxing in Caloundra on Saturday.

He hopes he can make it to the Masters Australian title and fight on the undercard to the WBF World Bout Card.

“I’m taking on a difficult opponent for the Australian Novice Heavyweight title and hope to make a special tribute to all those who want to go on the same weight loss journey I have travelled.”

FIT AND FAST: Corey O’Donnell at Casino Boxing Club with Charlie Pirrottina. Photos: DCSportsPhotography