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Numbers rebound at weekly sale

Around 700 head of young cattle were sold, consisting mainly of vealers and weaner cattle with a small penning of yearlings.

by Susanna Freymark, 08/10/2020, 2 min read

THE market remained strong at Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange on Wednesday, August 5 with agents yarding 1048 head, almost doubling the number from the prior week.

Around 700 head of young cattle were sold, consisting mainly of vealers and weaner cattle with a small penning of yearlings.

300 cows were yarded on Wednesday that sold to a top of 337.2c/kg with an average of 464kg and 268c/kg.

Producers Greg and Sue Johnson saw a return of $1867.46 for two head sold.

The heifer market held steady with one head making $1754.55 for Kayleen and Noel Clark.

The category reached a top of 484.2c/kg and averaged at 255kg.

Cows and calves yarded saw a top return of $2020 for Rita Nowlan for two head sold.

Bullocks sold well, and steers saw an overall increase in the average and top price achieved.

Bullocks sold to 325.2c/kg where they averaged 539kg and a top price of $1779.27 was achieved by Greg Alexander.

Steers averaged at 405.1c/kg and 242kg.

They reached a top of 532.2c/kg with Malcolm Olive seeing a return of $2038.25 for two head sold.

Prices have remained strong for vealers with a top price of 534.2c/kg and an average of 415.0c/kg, a slight increase on the prior week.

Weights averaged at 223kg for the category and Malcolm Olive again topped the market with one head sold for $1476.

Yearlings overall sold very well this week with the top price achieved being $1680.84 for one head sold by Alice Murray.

They reached 426c/kg and averaged at 381kg.

Friday, August 7 saw Ramsey & Bulmer and T&W McCormack hold an extremely successful store sale with 1610 head yarded including progeny.

R, S & P Graham sold one bull that topped the category market at $4250.

The Lyn Yates total herd dispersal offered an excellent line up of quality cows as well as cows with calves.

She achieved top prices for cows at $1980 for four head sold, and cows with calves at $2600 for five head sold.

Colin Barnham topped the steer market at $2021 for three head sold.

Steers sold to 570.0c/kg and averaged at 282kg.

Heifers came back at a maximum price of 510.0c/kg, averaged 240kg and Compton Farms achieved a top return of $2100 for three head sold.

The next store sale at NRLX will be held by George & Fuhrmann on Friday, August 21.

Registering to buy will be an ongoing requirement at NRLX with the ongoing threat of Covid-19, along with vendors and children under 16 not being permitted entry to the facility.

Please contact the selling agent or NRLX administration staff to register.

-Ebony Nowlan, NRLX business administration coordinator