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Beef Week Queen is crowned

Read the outgoing queen's honest speech about what she learned as queen

by Susanna Freymark, 05/26/2021, 3 min read

THE four entrants vying for the Beef Week crown had to wait until after dessert to find out who would be queen.
Margaret Magner, Brooklyn Handford, Maci Virtue and Phoebe McMillan must have been nervous throughout the dinner served at the Beef Week official opening night at the Casino RSM Club on Saturday night.

ALL WINNERS: Beef Week Queen entrants Phoebe McMillan, runner up Margaret‌‌Magner, new queen Brooklyn Handford and entrant Maci Virtue at the Casino RSM.‌‌Photo: Susanna Freymark

NBN TV presenter Paul Lobb hosted the evening and after speeches by Agriculture
Drought and Emergency Management Minister David Littleproud, Federal MP Kevin Hogan, Casino Food Co-op director John Seccombe and Beef Week president Frank McKey, it was Richmond Valley mayor Robert Mustow who made the announcement about Casino’s newest queen.

Host Paul Lobb from NBN with Brenda Armfield

Margaret Magner was announced as runner up and then Brooklyn Handford as the 2021 Beef Week Queen.
The 2019 Queen Shatarne Newman was there to crown Brooklyn.
The Queen and the other three entrants will be part of the Beef Week festivities.

2019 Queen Shatarne Newman

Outgoing Beef Week Queen Shatarne Newman gave a speech before the
crowning of the new queen. Here is an excerpt of that speech.

MY YEAR of Beef Week Queen was truly a long one – 732 days to be exact.
Being queen will be one of my greatest memories and I will treasure it forever.
Being queen isn’t about wearing the crown or about who is more well known in Casino.
It’s about who you are inside and in your heart.
2019 was a devastating year for myself and my family when the bushfire ripped through our farm. If it wasn’t for the community, we would have lost the farm.
Three words I took from being queen were: Just. Be. Yourself.
Stuart Wilde once said, “Just be yourself, everyone else is taken.”
I have been asked, can I enter for Beef Week Queen if I’m not from Casino, vegetarian, Aboriginal and god help us, vegan?
I answer – “Just be yourself” and explained I wasn’t well known like the others, and that I should not have won as I wasn’t the favourite. I say to the haters that it wasn’t my decision. The judges took the time to listen to my background and accept me for being myself.
The greatest people society has known were never versions of other people. They were themselves and that is what we admired most.
I mean, there is only one Michael Jordan, there will only ever be one Princess Diana and luckily there will only ever be one Donald Trump.
How can I be me? How can I be more of me and less of someone else?
Everyone here is investing in themselves tonight. You girls (queen entrants) are
investing in your dreams in this journey with Beef Week.
Above all, just be yourself.

Shatarne was the 2019 Beef Week Queen and held the title when Beef Week was cancelled last year because of covid.